Known throughout the Southeast and now becoming an artist of today in many areas of the country, Sarah Griffith is a native of Baton Rouge. She is a former educator and school principal, who has pursued instruction from other artists, but is basically a self-taught contemporary artist. Her background includes landscapes, still lifes, and even some plein air painting. However, she has emerged into a well known mixed media artist, who chooses acrylics, uses some metallics, gold, silver, or copper leaf, and finishes with a rich oil overlay. The result is a dramatic use of color, form, and intensity. Griffith chooses her life's experiences, whether travels in the Northwest, Southwest, Caribbean, the varied Northeast, or her own special Southeast. Her paintings are derived from her travels and created from her journaling while traveling, use of photography, or mental images of an experience or region.

Sarah's followers all state that they are drawn to her work by the color and the depth of the meaning depicted in each work. Sarah Griffith's background in education has given her the knowledge of the way a child interprets life. The former teacher has learned well from her students that many things the eye sees are real simple pleasures. Many of Griffith's followers stay permanently stationed in Sarah's world of color and appearance.